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Flowers Delivered Sydney. Flower Girl And Bridesmaid Dresses. Peacock Feather Bouquet.

Flowers Delivered Sydney

flowers delivered sydney

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Challenge 2010 - Bridal Elegance 2

Challenge 2010 - Bridal Elegance 2

Firstly I would like to thank my family for living with a crazed, frantic and a very possessed woman!!
After 85 hours and 2 weeks of eating off our laps I have finally finished my show cake for The Cake Art Challenge 2010 held at the Mercure Hotel Rosehill. This competition is held every two years and attracts entries by some of the best decorators in Australia. My entry was awarded 1st in the section Bridal Elegance (an elegantly modern 2 tier wedding cake which must include hand piped royal icing lace). Then to put the icing on the cake - excuse the pun, my cake was awarded Guild Gold for the best exhibit in Challenge 2010.

Even delivering this cake was a stress, driving three and a half hours over the Blue Mountains to Sydney. I couldn’t even look at the cake when we arrived for fear of seeing broken pieces of filigree and flowers ever where. My prayers must have been answered because it arrived with not a thing out of place!

Covering the double cakes was a nightmare as this was my first attempt (trust me to leave it for show work!) After 3 attempts on each tier I had something I was happy with. Thankfully it wasn’t real cake imagine all the icing I would have wasted......all I could think of was the first series of Masterchef where most of the fondant ended up in the bin. 9 phalaenopsis orchids, two large black and white leaves, numoreous black round berries, silver and lime green leaves made the flower spray. 33 Piped filigree lace shards with 85 hand made black diamonds (nearly sent me blind) circled the cake.

To win this award which has been won by decorators that I hold in such high regard even idolise is such a huge honour.



the day before the big day

Oh my goodness!! Its all coming together! Not without some hiccups. (the stupid caterers never delivered the cutlery so John drove all the way to Sydney to pick it up!) Matty also came up today and so did Bec.
So, with the help of Mum, Grandmamy & Therese doing all the flower decorations and decor around the house and marquee... Bec, Sian, John, Matt, Therese and I setting up the marquee, Dad and Grandpapa helping with things, we got everything done thanks to the wonderful team of my family and friends!!!
As a very unconventional bride and groom... Matt, Bec, Liberty and I all stayed at the farm tonight! After Matt having dinner with all his famliy who have all arrived from NZ and me having dinner with my family.
Oh my gosh.... I cant believe its tomorrow!!! Im just hoping it'll be a bit warmer (and dryer) than the 15°C we had today.

flowers delivered sydney

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